How To Add Subtitles in Mobile and Desktop Media Players

Steps to Add subtitles/SRT files

For watching movies/series with Subtitles follow the steps to add subtitles on Mobile and desktop

Basically, there are two detailed steps to adding subtitles to movies, (Step1 & Step 2) Read each step carefully 


VLC for Android, App: How to Add Subtitles to Your Movies

Subtitles may be easily added to movies playing in VLC for Android. It can be carried out both automatically and manually. The automated option will look for a subtitle that matches. If it is located, it will be downloaded and loaded onto the player automatically. To use the on-screen controls while watching a movie, simply tap on the screen. The options can be found in the button on the far left. Select Subtitles > Download subtitles once the audio and subtitles options appear.

This will look for matching subtitle on the internet. 
To use subtitle file that ends, you must first download it, then use the same subtitle button on the app and click the Select subtitle file option. 
After that, you simply browse your local storage for file with an extension such,.sub, or.sbv.

Here are the procedures to automatically download subtitles when watching a video on the VLC for Android app.:

  • Open a movie in VLC for Android app.
  • Tap on the screen to bring up the on-screen buttons (if it is not showing already).
  • Tap the button on the far left.

  • Expand Subtitles option by pressing on the down arrow next to it.
  • Tap on Download subtitles.

It will conduct a search and display the results just beneath the video. While you’re looking to obtain the subtitles automatically, make sure you’re connected to the internet. When you press the download subtitles button, the VLC Media Player for Android app searches the internet for a closed captions file. As a result, you must be connected in order for it to search. If the matching file is found, the subtitles will be added to the presently playing movie right away. The on-screen text will show right there, assisting you in better understanding the film.

The second option, Select subtitle file, allows you to browse and load subtitles from your local computer.

Manually loading subtitles in VLC for Android

Now, the VLC for Android app does not always find your subtitles. You may have to manually download them at times. You may look up your movie subtitles on Google, or visit Tumundomusical movies to download your movies subtitle. Do it on your phone so that it is saved on your Android device when you search, find, and download it. file will most likely be saved in your Downloads folder. If it’s in a zip file, you may need to extract it first.

After you’ve downloaded the file to your Android phone or tablet, follow these steps to open/load it in VLC:

  • Open your movie in the VLC app.
  • If the on-screen buttons aren’t visible, tap on the screen to bring it up.
  • Tap on the button on the far left.
  • Expand Subtitles option.
  • Click on Select subtitle file.
  • Browse to the location of the .srt/.sub file and open it up.

Your subtitles will now appear alongside your video. Enjoy your movie with the help of the on-screen text you just loaded.



How To Add Subtitles in Mobile and Desktop Media Players

For VLC or MX or other media player

  • If you are watching a movie on Mobile
  • Firstly, Download Subtitles from
  • After that Move the Srt format file to the Movie/Tv Series Folder
  • Open The video player
  • Click on the video
  • Click on Subtitle >> Add Subtitle, Locate the folder you download the Subtitle file, and select


  • If you are watching in Computer
  • First Download Subtitles from
  • After that Move the Srt format file to the Movie/Tv Series Folder
  • Players like Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player has a tab where you can select the Subtitle file.
  • Click on Subtitle >> Add Subtitle, Locate the folder you download the Subtitle file, and select


This is probably the best site to download the Subtitle file from as it covers the entire length of the video, leaving no segment or scene out.

After you’ve finished downloading your desired movie Subtitle file, go to the folder where you saved the Subtitle file and paste the film you’re about to view into it. Open the video on any media player and have fun with it.

If this post has helped you with your subtitle problem in any way, please share it. We do provide a link to download movies as well as the Subtitle file.

Finally, if you’re having trouble, you can let us know via the comment section and we’ll fix the problem within hours.

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