The Reality of Cambridge University’s Acceptance Rate

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate
University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate: Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is famous for its high academic standards. The university has an undergraduate acceptance rate of 21% which is quite low considering that it has a huge number of applicants every year.

We are going to discuss the reality of Cambridge University’s acceptance rate, the factors that affect this rate, and how one can improve their chances of getting into Cambridge University.

Cambridge University’s acceptance rate is 21%. This statistic was recently released by The Guardian who obtained it from data published by UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) in 2017. This high percentage stands in stark contrast to American universities where Harvard has an undergraduate acceptance rate of 5%.

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate 2022

We can see that the acceptance rate of Oxford is much lower than Cambridge. We also know that the two universities are not directly comparable. Oxford University was founded in 1096 and has a long history. Cambridge University, on the other hand, was established in 1209.

The reasons behind the high acceptance rates are complex and have to do with its ability to attract more international students as well as its focus on STEM subjects.

*The Oxford University acceptance rate 2021 still remains 17.5%  while that of Cambridge University:  21% 

  • The university’s diversity program attracts international students from around the world
  •  It focuses more on STEM subjects than other universities

The acceptance rate for international students at Cambridge University in 2021-2022  was selected as the topic of this section.

The acceptance rate for international students at Cambridge University in 2021 is 21%. This is way higher than the admission rates for Oxford, Harvard or Yale.

How are Admissions into Cambridge Decided?

A candidate can apply to a specific course at Cambridge through the UCAS application system. While the university itself does not require a specific qualification, it is essential for a candidate to have excellent grades and relevant experience in that particular subject.

The admissions process is based on a ranking system that assesses the applicant’s academic achievement and predicted performance, with points allocated to each different factor. The final score for each student is calculated from their overall points total.

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Tips to Get Admitted Into University of Cambridge

Here are some tips on how you can get accepted to the University of Cambridge with A-Levels or similar qualifications:

1.) Ensure your grades are high enough to meet their requirements.

2.) Submit your application early.

3.) Submit a personal statement that is short but comprehensive.

4.) Make sure that you have done all their pre-application requirements.

How to Increase Chances of Getting into Cambridge University?

We look at a few of the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind before applying to Cambridge University.

First, you will have to complete the application form and then send it by post or email. The cost for applying for an undergraduate course is £10,000 which can be paid through a debit card.

You will also need to provide your UCAS personal ID number which you can find on your admissions letter or login page on the UCAS website.

Finally, select your course preferences from the list provided by UCAS and once done confirm your choices by clicking submit.

Why Do Students Want to Go To Cambridge?

The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s most prestigious and selective universities.

Students all over the world aspire to get into this university and that’s why some people refer to it as a “dream school”.

The university is academically strong in science, engineering, medicine and mathematics. In addition, it is known for its excellence in all areas of humanities.

Students can choose from a wide range of courses with over 100-degree programs from which they can graduate with a bachelor’s degree or with a postgraduate degree or diploma.

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Importance of Application Essay for Cambridge’s Admissions Requirements

The University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has a total of 31 autonomous Colleges, which are collectively known as “the university”. With more than 160 years of history, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the world. 

There are over 18,000 undergraduate students and around 12,000 graduate students at this university. The university is also famous for its outstanding performance in scientific research and education.

The admission requirement includes an application essay for students who apply to study at Cambridge University. The applicant should provide a personal statement to present their motivation and passion for studying at Cambridge University and their career aspirations after graduating from this top-notch institution. Besides that, they should also write an original written work that will be assessed by a member.

Transfer Essay Writing Tips for a University Admission

Making the decision to continue your education after high school is a big one. You will be taking on more responsibility and you will be faced with new challenges. 

But if you are someone who thrives in an academic environment, enjoys learning about new things, and wants to contribute positively to society, then the time has come for you to apply for a college transfer essay. If that is the case then we have some tips for you that should help you write a great transfer essay.

  1. Don’t just rehash what’s on your resume! Make sure your personal statement is written in a way that provides insight into who YOU are as a person and it’ll go much further than saying “I’m from X country, I speak Y language.”
  2. Think outside of the box and read the instructions carefully
  3. Start with a compelling introduction and use your inner voice
  4. Give good examples to support your ideas and avoid clichés
  5. Ask someone to proofread your work

How To Get Accepted at The University of Cambridge

Produce a personal statement that will attract the admissions tutor. The first step to getting accepted at Cambridge is to make sure that the content of your application is as strong as possible.

In order to do this, you’ll need to produce a personal statement for their admissions tutor. In this statement, you’ll need to tell them what makes you a good fit for their school and why you want to attend it.

You should also briefly mention your qualifications and experience so that they can understand why you deserve a place there over someone else who has the same qualifications as you. The essay should be three pages long, any less than that and the admissions officers won’t feel like they know enough about you, any longer than that and they might not consider you as a good fit.

Conclusion: Cambridge University Acceptance Rate

The best advice we can give to you is that you need to be proactive and show initiative. Apply for everything and anything, and get in touch with Cambridge alumni who you know, or could know.

If you find this article “Cambridge University acceptance rate for international students” please share it as you might be helping someone who needs it. Lastly, thanks for reading.

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