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The average annual cost of health insurance in the USA is $7,470 for an individual and $21,342 for a family as of July 2020, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation – a bill employers typically fund roughly three quarters of


Best Collectibles Insurance In 2022 (£950,000,000): What Is Collectibles Insurance?

  Collectibles insurance protects prized possessions from loss events such as theft, accidental damage, and mysterious disappearances that homeowner’s coverage does not. They take into account that collections typically don’t depreciate, but rather appreciate over time. Homeowner's insurance limits property coverage to a percentage of your home total value. Sometimes, that is not enough to replace your collection if it were ever destroyed, damaged, or stolen. And even if there is enough coverage in dollar values, the policy may limit coverage to certain collectibles such as fine art or Persian rugs, thus won’t fully cover the loss. Collectible insurance policies may also cover your collection outside of your home. For example, you can tailor a policy to cover your items while in transit in the mail, while traveling with you, while housed in a storage facility, or while on display at an exhibit.

How Do I Insure a Collection?

To insure a collection, insurance companies will have you start by providing some proof that you possess the collection, identify specifically what is in it with a detailed inventory, and show some type of third-party valuation such as a bill of sale or appraisal. You can do some quick research with some online quoting tools to get an estimate, then you’ll contact insurance companies or consultants to work toward a more accurate quote. Insurers will want to know a bit more about your lifestyle as it pertains to the collection so their agents can suggest certain policies that will protect you best. For example, are you a dealer who frequently travels with your baseball card collection to exhibits? You’ll need a policy that covers theft, accidental damage during transit, or missing inventory.  

How Much Does Collectible Insurance Cost?

There are two primary ways to insure a collection. The less expensive way is to add an inventory schedule rider to your homeowner’s policy. Even though they may have a lower annual premium, these riders may not give you enough coverage. That’s when a separate and specialized collectible policy makes sense that schedules each asset. Look for policies that give your collection full market value, not cash value or replacement value. Expect these policies to cost in the neighborhood of 1% to 2% of that insured value. For example, a $100,000 baseball card collection could cost roughly $2,000 per year in premium payments to insure. How We Chose the Best Collectibles Insurance After looking at 16 insurance companies we found these seven to be the best in their league. Some of these seven companies actually serve as brokers who are backed by 30 to 50 AM Best-rated financial institutions, giving them a deep reservoir of expertise and value from which to draw. We chose companies that offered a broad scope of insurance products, whether it be hundreds of types of collections or complementary insurance products that can be bundled for savings. All of the winners used the similar pricing philosophy of offering full market collector’s value, with premiums in the 1% to 2% range of the collection’s appraisal or bill of sale. As always, we favor companies that are easy to work with and have simple online tools as well as email and phone options. From application to claims to customer support, companies that had streamlined online processes rose to the top.  

Best Collectibles Insurance of 2022 ($200,000)

Collectibles insurance protects your collection from accidental breakage, theft, flood, and other types of loss. Collections can include high-value items like artwork, Persian rugs, model trains, and coins, to name a few. Collectibles in a home can be worth more than the home itself, or at least enough that the items need to be scheduled assets on a separate policy in order to be reimbursed for the full value. In 2020, the rapper, Logic, paid $183,812 for a rare Pokémon card. In 2014, a 1938 copy of Action Comics #1 comic book sold for $3.2 million on eBay. Most collectibles can be insured for 1% to 2% of the piece’s value, per year. But your collection doesn't need to be worth millions to be worth insuring. We looked at 16 insurance companies before we settled on these seven best collectibles insurance companies. Winners stood out because of their background, third-party ratings, and other insurance offerings. Convenience for combining policies, a streamlined application process, and customer support were major factors, too. These characteristics shaped our profile of a trusted, competent, and convenient insurer that we could pass along to you with our recommendation.  

American Collectors Insurance

American Collectors Insurance, a company founded by passionate collectors, takes our overall best position for collectibles insurance. The company provides policy features that exceed industry standards, such as its Inflation Guard Protection, agreed value coverage, and special policy enhancements. Founded by collectors in 1976, American Collectors Insurance (ACI) insures many kinds of specialty items, in all 50 states, with their Agreed Value policies, a rarity in the industry and one of the features that makes them our best overall. Standard policy coverage includes theft, fires, floods, and natural disasters. Other notable policy features include: Agreed Value Coverage: Insures your collection for full collector value, up to policy limits, so you know exactly what your collection is insured for at the time of loss. Inflation Guard Protection: If you suffer a total loss of your collection, this special protection adjusts the Agreed Value of your collectibles up to 8%. Automatic Coverage of New Additions: Automatically covers new purchases to your collection up to $2,000 with your 30-day notice. Collector’s Choice: Protects items being shipped, stored outside your residence, or used for special occasions. Special Policy Enhancements: Such as special coverage for collectibles you use. ACI does not offer insurance outside of the collectibles market, so there is no opportunity to combine your coverage with a homeowner's insurance policy, for example. Each item has a different deductible, insurance limit, and coverage so collectors can get a free quote quickly through a simple form on their website. Once they have a quote, policyholders can apply for insurance online. An ACI agent will reach out to request more information or issue an approval. According to Trustpilot reviews published on ACI’s website, they handle claims quickly by phone. They often don’t even ask for an appraisal if the Agreed Value Coverage is already in place. Clients can currently reach ACI’s customer service team by email, phone, or live chat. They are available on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, and on weekends, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Clients can also submit a claim online. Arroyo Insurance Services Arroyo Insurance is a trusted source for insuring your Persian rugs because they insure up to the current market value and have unique policy features that allow your policy to remain in effect if your rug is on loan to someone (or if you want to insure someone else’s property). Arroyo Insurance Services writes more than $180 million in premiums annually with their curated selection of 30 A-rated AM Best companies. With rare policy features and current market value protection, Arroyo deserves your first look for Persian rug insurance. Arroyo Insurance Services’ roots date back to 1950, although the company was officially established in 1986 in California. They currently provide various types of personal, commercial, and life insurance, plus employee benefits across many different industries. Home insurance can potentially cover the value of your Persian rug, but there is a dollar limit on the coverage amount. If your Persian rug appraises beyond your homeowner's insurance policy limit, you will need to purchase a separate policy to insure its full value. Since Arroyo partners with highly rated carriers like Zurich and Travelers, plan on an annual premium that costs 2% of your Persian rug’s value. When working with an agent to determine the insurability and value of any collectible with Arroyo, you need to provide full documentation of it, including proof of ownership, bill of sale, appraisal, a replacement estimate, and photographs.

Bottom Line

Be careful assuming your collectibles are covered under your homeowner’s policy. There could be several instances or types of damages that don’t cover the loss of your collection just because it resides in your home. Typically, the least expensive way to insure your collectibles is to cover it through a rider on your existing homeowner’s policy. But very often these riders do not cover the full market value of your collectibles, so read the fine print when you explore this avenue. Collectibles insurance policies exist as standalone coverage to protect against these shortcomings of loss coverage and value. Collectibles insurance companies understand the nuances surrounding your valuables. American Collectors Insurance checks all the boxes and more. As our best overall collectibles insurance company, they offer specialized policy features that account for full collector’s value, inflation, automatic coverage additions to your collection as it grows, and more.    

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