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Our state has registered 11.5 million registered motor vehicles and licensed about 9.2 million drivers, most of them in the Chicago area. Our Chicago car accident lawyers know that with so many drivers, collisions will happen here. The state logs over 300,000 car accidents each year.

The reality is that nearly everyone will be in a car accident at some point in their life.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a Chicago car accident due to a negligent driver, contact the experienced Chicago car accident attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C.


Abels & Annes, P.C. Has Experience Assisting Car Accident Victims

million dollar advocates forum badgeBear in mind that obtaining help from a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer may be critical. This is especially true after a serious injury.

If you delay too long in pursuing your claims or fail to fully understand your damages, important evidence may vanish. You can lose valuable compensation that you need to pay for your recovery.

We know that when you have serious injuries, you cannot carefully and immediately assess the cause of the accident and gather information. It is even harder to handle the insurance carriers.

Let our Chicago auto accident attorneys at Abels & Annes shoulder that burden for you.​​


Our Chicago Car Accident Results

Here is a small sample of our case settlements from car accident claims:

  • $3 million for a motorist who died due to a driver making an illegal u-turn
  • $905,000 for a passenger that sustained neck injuries and had to undergo surgery after a single-car accident
  • $460,000 after a Chicago area driver failed to yield coming out of a stop sign, hitting our client’s vehicle. The plaintiff had to undergo surgery to repair a lumbar disc injury.
  • $600,000 in a wrongful death auto accident, where we obtained an insurance policy limits settlement of $500,000, plus $100,000 from our client’s auto policy due to a second defendant that had no auto insurance.
  • $200,000 in an accident settlement for injuries due to a DUI motorist.
  • $220,000 in a policy limits UM claim settlement for two minor children in a north suburban Chicago car accident.
  • $250,000 policy limits settlement for a Chicago area resident. The plaintiff needed surgery for a disc injury.

We invite you to call us today about your Chicago car accident to see if we can help you the way we have so many of our other clients.​​

Car Accident Risks in Chicago

Whether you drive downtown or in the suburbs, you encounter accident risks everywhere. Chicago’s many congested highways clog with impatient drivers who tend to ignore traffic laws to get to their destinations faster. Often, they end up causing more delays due to crashes.

We regularly see accidents on:

  • Kennedy Expressway
  • Eisenhower Expressway
  • Tri-State Tollway
  • Veterans Memorial Tollway
  • Stevenson Expressway
  • Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway
  • Chicago Skyway
  • Dan Ryan Expressway
  • Kingery Expressway
  • Edens Expressway

Some locations off the highway with regular crashes include:

  • Western Avenue at Peterson Avenue
  • La Grange Road at I-80 westbound ramp
  • Kedzie Avenue at Belmont Avenue
  • Stony Island Avenue and South Chicago Avenue
  • Cicero Avenue and 127th Street
  • Lincoln and Clark
  • Milwaukee Avenue

Whether your accident happens on I-80 or a residential street, you can suffer serious injuries and losses. You want a lawyer who knows Chicago car accidents handling your case.


The High Cost of Chicago Auto Accidents

A serious car accident will significantly derail your life and might change it forever.

Even minor car accidents can seriously shake your life up. You’ll have to deal with the stress of talking to your own insurance company, getting your car repaired, dealing with the opposing insurance company, missing work, and more. And that’s not even dealing with injuries resulting from the car accident.

When car accidents result in serious injuries, the impact is much higher in all areas of your life. This can include stress, financial burdens, ongoing medical care, and mental anguish.

A bad car accident injury will not just result in expensive emergency care or a lengthy hospital stay. It can have tremendous financial and physical impacts.

A serious injury may keep you off work for an extended time. Or, it might even make it impossible for you to return to your job.

You may require long-term care, such as costly homecare from a professional caregiver or therapist. Further, you may require expensive medical equipment. Finally, you may even suffer a permanent disability. For example, if the accident causes traumatic brain injury or a debilitating spine injury.

In addition, with all the sophisticated equipment on modern cars, a greater percentage of vehicles get totaled in accidents—nearly 20 percent, by some estimates. When this happens, the cost of repairs is more than the vehicles are worth.

As a result, many accident victims can expect to temporarily lose their cars. Further, they may need to take on the additional stress of purchasing another one.

Consequently, even car accidents with injuries that you can fully recover from can be financially devastating. And not just to you, but to family members and others that may rely upon your financial support.​​

What should I do after a car accident?

  1. Call the authorities and make a police report. Do not let the other driver talk you into skipping this important step. It can lead to issues later on.
  2. Exchange information with the other driver. Take good photos of the other side’s I.D. and insurance information. Some police departments will not make this information publicly available on the police report. For example, the Illinois State Police heavily redact their police reports.
  3. Take down witness information. Independent witness testimony can be critical to your case.
  4. Take photos of the accident scene and the damage to your vehicle and the other vehicles.
  5. Seek medical attention. If you have injuries, go to the emergency room or seek medical care as soon as possible. You could have sustained far more serious injuries than you realized. Further, a long gap between an accident and medical treatment can make it difficult for your lawyer to prove that your injuries are related to the accident.
  6. Contact our Chicago auto accident attorneys ASAP. The sooner you have an attorney, the sooner they can start protecting your legal rights. Also, call a lawyer before you talk to any auto insurance carrier. They will often try to take a statement from you, which can be used against you later.

What Damages Can I Have After a Car Accident?

  • Medical expenses, like hospital visits, doctor appointments, physical therapy, ambulance fees, etc.
  • Pain and suffering refers to the physical and mental anguish for which a person can seek compensation in a lawsuit.
  • Lost income from missing work after a serious injury, one of the most financially damaging aspects of a car accident.

What Can I Get for Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering compensation (and all non-economic compensation) varies greatly depending on the details of your case. To determine this number, your auto attorney will look at how much your quality of life has changed from before and after your accident. The greater the change, the greater compensation you can receive.

For example, if you can no longer pick up your grandchild or drive your children to school, these will qualify as a change in your standard of life. Pain and suffering is often the focus of negotiations and can be worth significant money, depending on the severity of your injuries. You can read more about calculating pain and suffering here.

You may recover the damages caused by a car accident. However, to get what you deserve from your injury claim, don’t delay. Get help from a legal professional. Get started today by contacting the Chicago car crash lawyers at Abels & Annes.

New Technology is Helping to Reduce Auto Accidents And Injuries in Chicago

Automobile manufacturers continually innovate and install new and improved safety devices every year. There are better designs for roads, intersections, and traffic lanes. Local governments across Illinois are passing and more vigorously enforcing more restrictive drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving laws.

New technologies are helping drivers to avoid some auto accidents and injuries. These include:

  • Side-airbags
  • Blind spot detection
  • Backup cameras
  • Lane departure warnings
  • Self-driving abilities
  • Advances in road designs

But countervailing factors may arise for every innovation and improvement that reduces the benefits of these developments.

How Often Do Car Accidents Happen in Illinois?

In a recent year, there were approximately 312,000 car accidents in Illinois. This represents an increase of nearly 7,500 from the previous year.

When calculating these figures daily, there are about 855 accidents every day in Illinois alone.​​

Chicago’s Overall Driving Score

In a list of 100 cities ranked best to worst to drive in, Chicago ranked in the top ten worst cities. The Windy City came in 94 out of 100, with the hundredth spot being the worst. For comparison, Oakland, California, was worst at #100, and Lincoln, Nebraska, was best at #1.

This list evaluated four main areas that comprise their ranking:

  1. The cost of car ownership and maintenance
  2. The amount of traffic and quality of infrastructure
  3. Overall safety
  4. Access to vehicles and maintenance

This low rating is partly due to Chicago’s poor infrastructure, traffic congestion, poor safety overall, and a high cost of vehicle ownership.

This data provides important insights into what it’s like to drive in Chicago. Let’s look at some other statistics that focus on some specific issues related to Chicago car accidents.

Accidents Involving Injuries

According to the most recent data from the state Department of Transportation (IDOT), nearly 67,000 car accidents injured people in one year in Illinois.

The most common injury-causing accidents were rear-end collisions, with 19,990 injuries. Rear-end accidents were most common at stoplights or in heavy traffic. The second most common type of injury-causing accident was ‘turning accidents’ with 12,472 injuries. And turning accidents most commonly occur when a person fails to yield to turn left.

For comparison, car accidents injure three million people every year in the United States. Of these injured, about two million of those people experienced permanent injuries because of the accident.​​

Fatal Car Accidents

In the most recent data available, Illinois saw over 1,370 car accident fatalities in one year.

These deaths represent over one percent of all traffic accidents that occur. This low percentage is seemingly good news. However, 1,000 people dying in car accidents every year is still devastating.

The majority of fatal crashes in Chicago occur on state roads. The second most common is city streets. County roads and interstates took third and fourth place for road types where fatal accidents occurred.

Many fatal accidents were caused by a collision with a fixed object, like a tree or guard rail. Other common reasons include cars hitting and killing pedestrianshead-on collisions, and turning accidents.​​


Accidents Involving Children

Motor vehicle accidents are among the top causes of death to children in the US. Each year, around 700 children under age 13 die in car accidents. Another 100,000 children suffer injuries.

Of the children who die in car accidents, 33 percent were improperly secured in a car seat or not wearing a seatbelt. According to studies and tests, had drivers properly secured those children, they would have had a much better chance of surviving the collision.

A seatbelt reduces a child’s risk of injury or death by 71 to 82 percent. The use of a booster seat can reduce the risk even more. Children ages four to eight who are properly sitting in booster seats are 45 percent less likely to suffer serious injuries than children wearing a seatbelt alone.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Ten percent of drivers in Illinois admitted to using their phones while driving. This includes using their phone at red lights and stop signs, which is still dangerous because it takes away a driver’s attention to the road around them.

As the data above pointed out, distracted driving is a serious issue in the U.S. In one year, 2,800 people died and over 400,000 suffered injuries in distracted driving accidents.

Distracted Teen Drivers

Distracted driving is even worse for teen drivers.

In a survey of high school students, the Journal of Adolescent Health found that 38 percent of high school students had texted or emailed while driving at least once in the past 30 days.

They also found that students who used their phones while driving were more likely not to wear a seat belt, more likely to ride with a driver who had been drinking, and more likely to drive after drinking alcohol themselves.

Drunk Driving Accidents

When you look at the data collected about accidents in Illinois from 2018, you can see that drunk driving is a serious problem. Out of the reported 951 fatal Illinois car accidents, 27 percent involved alcohol.

Drunk drivers are also much more likely to kill another driver in an accident than themselves.​​

What Are Common Causes of Chicago Car Accidents?

personal_injury_lawyers-chicago-2021Common causes of auto accidents can include:

  • Speeding: Driving over the speed limit is one of the most common causes of car accidents because speeding drivers have less time to react to changing circumstances. A sudden slow down, a pedestrian stepping into the road, or a little bit of black ice can all turn a speeding car into a serious hazard.
  • Driving too fast for conditions: Not adapting your speed to changing weather conditions—like rain, snow, and ice that frequently strike Chicago—is one of the most common causes of car accidents. When the weather can create severe hazards, drivers must stay aware of road conditions.
  • Chicago heavy traffic: Heavy traffic creates more accidents for obvious reasons. More people on the roads means more opportunities for driver errors and negligence. People also tend to get bored or aggravated in heavy traffic, bringing out the worst in drivers.
  • Chicago distracted driving: Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds can mean you travel hundreds of feet without realizing it. No matter the reason, distracted driving is always serious and always dangerous. If a driver needs to do something that will just take a few seconds, they should pull over to complete that quick task.
  • Texting while driving in Chicago: Texting while driving is probably the most common type of distracted driving. It is a huge problem and causes thousands of accidents in Chicago and other parts of Illinois each year.
  • Online browsing: Browsing the internet while driving is unsafe and careless. Reading the news or looking up a quick fact takes a driver’s eyes and mind off the road, which can easily cause an accident that injures or kills someone.
  • GPS: Sometimes, finding a place on your phone’s map app is necessary, but it can also be dangerous. If you need to find your route, pull over to set the GPS so you can arrive at your destination safely.
  • Chicago drunk drivers: Driving while drunk decreases reaction time and increases the likelihood of accidents. Driving while intoxicated is a common cause of car accidents that result in fatal injuries. As we mentioned above, driving drunk is way too common in Illinois and around the country and is something we need to end as a society. Hopefully, the rise and expansion of ride apps and public transportation can help us greatly reduce the problem of drunk driving.
  • Chicago drugged drivers: Drugs can cause blurred vision, slow reaction times, confusion, and other impairments. With Illinois legalizing recreational marijuana and Chicago the home to 17 dispensaries, we must not let drugged driving become as much of a problem as drunk driving.
  • Chicago red lights: Drivers may run a red light or stop sign because they think they can get away with it or because they’re in a hurry or are just selfish. As you can probably guess, red light accidents are some of the worst since drivers are moving full speed when they hit another car, bicyclist, or pedestrian.

Vehicle accidents will continue to happen no matter the effort to protect drivers and passengers from accidents and injuries.

Thankfully, most vehicle accidents are relatively harmless, like fender benders in parking lot accidents. Further, some only cause minor injuries. But at the other extreme are serious accidents that cause catastrophic injuries. And even worse, sometimes bad crashes result in death.

When you sustain an injury or lose a loved one, call our Chicago car crash lawyers. We can ensure you can recover fully from your loss.​​

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